As gardening slowed and we approached December we had to try something out to get through the quieter times. We had a resonably successful first year trying Christmas tree sales for 2016. It really was fun to meet everyone who purchased a tree from us and we hope to have your custom again in the future. Thanks to Brantano at Auldhouse Rd for having us and thank you sincerely for choosing us.

January was quite a tough time as is for a lot of small operators. Work was slower and quite harsh at times out in the freezing conditions but there was work to be carried out. Larger gardens ofter require quite a lot of clearing, pruning and planting as well as removal of unwanted or old shrubs and small trees. Many older customers like to reduce maintenance by removing those hard to maintain plants. We’ve had great results in some gardens and amazing feedback the last few weeks. If you would like similar work carried out do not hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange a free estimate to be carried out. Please find our details in the contact section.

Onwards into 2017.


Seb Jonsen.?

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